About Us

A brief introduction …We are four friends with a passion to encourage our children to praise God with all their heart. We discovered in August 2009 Jana Alayra’s ministry.  Sara, the only non-french person on our team, said, “do you really think french kids would go for songs coming from America?”

We translated a few songs just for our kids.  They loved it so much and really got into worshiping Jesus.  Some people encouraged us to go for translating an entire album.  So, we made it official, buying rights to 14 of Jana’s songs through Music Services and MontJoy music.  Here we are, three years later, with this CD!

Our vision is that young and old french speakers would unite their voices and their hearts to praise the Lord!

Worship Out Loud – LOL aims to develop and promote contemporary Christian praise music in France and French-speaking countries, mainly to the youth, translating, adapting, interpreting and disseminating songs in French.

Collaboration or federation with other organizations pursuing similar goals will be encouraged. write to us info@louangeoutloud.com




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