The Motions

This page is intended as a resource for french speaking churches to teach the motions that accompany each song.  The motions help kids remember the songs and worship our Lord in word and in deed…jumpintolightdvdcover_b

The motions on this CD were originally created by Jana Alayra to accompany tracks from her albums :  Dig Down Deep,  Free Indeed, Jump Into the Light,  and Look Out Now.   The motions adapted by LOL to the french lyrics.  To discover the original motions in English  take a look at her website. There are so many other great songs in English and Spanish and many other resources for your kids there!

1 – Debout

2 – Sous La Pluie

3 – Ensemble C’est Mieux

4 – Mon Rocher

5 – Ton Amour Est Si Grand

6 – A La Source

7 – Preux Chevalier

8 – Libre

9 – Une Piece Dans Ma Poche

10 – Saute Vers la Lumiere

11 – Je Me Leve Pour Toi

12 – Absolument Rien

13 Esaie 41 v 10

14 Oui, Je Crois

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